Try us with a free of Charge sample package LED Adhesives! 

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Sadechaf: your reliable hightech adhesive partner! 


  1. More efficient production
  2. Fast curing
  3. Constant quality
  4. Lower cost


  1. Performance and quality improvement
  2. Electrically conductive = adhesive and conductor in 1
  3. Constant firmness & robustness
  4. New technologies, new applications


  1. Seamless bonding and invisible sealing
  2. Complete freedom for design
  3. Flexibility in forms & choice of materials

Over 30 years of experience in hightech adhesives

Sadechaf has over 30 years of experience in various industries.  In the past, we serviced the automotive-, space-, electronics & consumer electronics-, aviation-, medical-, optoelectronics-, lighting-, mechanical engineering-, 3D printing & manufacturing- and the audiosector with our adhesive-solutions. Either with one of our standard range of adhesives (over 200 Hightech gluing products), either with a custom made solution. 

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A professional team has manufactered more than 300 hightech adhesives customised for all our clients needs.  As a partner of your project, we strive to maximum results. 


Features SadechafHigh-tech Adhesives for LED


  • Fast and precise application, manually or automatically (different viscosities, different thixotropies)
  • For a stable repetitive process
  • Perfectly controlled dosing
  • Project-specific adhesive adjustments and new developments
  • UV Cure: Hyper-fast curing by means of UV light
  • Dual Cure: Perfectly controlled curing. Hyper-fast fixation with UV light followed by low temperature curing


  • Extremely low shrinkage
  • Extremely low outgassing
  • Resistant to shock, impact and vibration
  • Perfectly clear, no yellowing or discoloration, now and in the future

Permanent adhesion

  • Adhesives with a very high tack and Tg in combination with high flexibility
  • Resistant to high forces
  • Resistant to very high temperatures (up to +200°C)
  • Moisture resistant, heat resistant
  • Resists vibration
  • Stress resistant: very even bonding and distribution of forces

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