3D Printing and 3D Manufacturing Resins
Sadechaf 3D Printing UV and Laser Cured Resins are used in the most advanced and demanding industrial 3D printing applications. Their performance ranges from ultra high precision to the toughest structural standards demanded by the 3D printing industry.

Windscreen and Glass Repair Resins
The Sadachaf Windscreen and Glass Repair Resins have the best performance in terms of easy usage and application, whilst guaranteeing the highest standards in terms of transparency, mechanical durability, optical properties, weathering and UV resistance.

Sadechaf Resins 1

Core line up of Sadechaf Resins

Adhesive Chemistry Component Cure Colour Key properties/application Viscosity @ 23°C TDS SDS Sample 
UVALITH 5582 Hybrid 1-part UV-light Clear An all-round uv-curable high precision resin that will speed up your 3D stereolithography processes.
The UVALITH 5582 combines a high production speed with excellent building resolution and perfect, smooth surfaces. ABS like material.
The cured resin is durable in sunlight. It has an excellent water resistance.
445 mPas Request TDS UVALITH 5582 Request SDS UVALITH 5582 Request sample UVALITH 5582
UVACRYL 2505 Acrylate 1-part UV/Visible-light & LED  Optical clear Windscreen repair resin, low viscosity. Capillary flow for fast and air bubble free filling of a crack in a windscreen. High strength, weathering resistant. 15 mPas Request TDS UVACRYL 2505 Request SDS UVACRYL 2505 Request sample UVACRYL 2505
UVACRYL 2831 Acrylate 1-part UV/Visible-light & LED  Optical clear Pit fill resin is ideal during the finishing process of a repair. It is specifically designed to fill large chips in the glass surface.  The Pit Fill is designed to be polished for optimal visual clarity.  High strength, weathering resistant. 2780 mPas Request TDS UVACRYL 2831 Request SDS UVACRYL 2831 Request sample UVACRYL 2831

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