Glass Bonding & Sealing

Sadechaf Hightech Adhesives for Glass bonding are suitable for bonding or sealing glass on glass, glass on metal and glass on ceramics.

Adjusted to your needs, our Glass Bonding Adhesives have different mechanical properties and optical characteristics. The optical clear adhesives have a refractive index close to glass.

Sadechaf Hightech Adhesives for Glass Bonding and Sealing are suitable for a large variety of products, ranging from the smallest hightech devices, industrial applications to large glass structures.

Sadechaf Glass Bonding & Sealing 1

Core line up of Sadechaf glass bonding Adhesives

Adhesive Chemistry Component Cure Colour Key properties/application Viscosity @ 23°C TDS SDS Sample Request
UVACRYL 2321 Acrylate 1-part UV/Visible-light & LED  Optical clear Low viscosity, capillary flow for fast and air bubble free filling of adhesive joint 125 mPas Request TDS UVACRYL 2321 Request SDS UVACRYL 2321 Sample Request UVACRYL 2321
UVACRYL 2295 Acrylate 1-part UV/Visible-light & LED  Optical clear medium viscosity, flexible product also suitable for large area bonding . Vibration, impact and thermal shock resistant 680 mPas Request TDS UVACRYL 2295 Request SDS UVACRYL 2295 Sample Request UVACRYL 2295
UVACRYL 2276 Acrylate 1-part UV/Visible-light & LED  Optical clear High viscosity, high strength 4650 mPas Request TDS UVACRYL 2276 Request SDS UVACRYL 2276 Sample Request UVACRYL 2276
UVACRYL 2775 Acrylate 1-part UV/Visible-light & LED  Opaque High strength thixotropic gel 2830 mPas, thixotropic gel Request TDS UVACRYL 2775 Request SDS UVACRYL 2775 Sample Request UVACRYL 2775
UVACRYL 2752 Acrylate 1-part UV/Visible-light & LED  Optical clear Weathering resistant, high strength, high tg, optical clear, non yellowing. Suitable for OLED applications 1840 mPas Request TDS UVACRYL 2752 Request SDS UVACRYL 2752 Sample Request UVACRYL 2752
UVACRYL 2151 Acrylate 1-part UV/Visible-light & LED  Grey Low shrinkage, low CTE, High strength and Tg for precision bonding up to µm 35000 mPas, thixotropic gel Request TDS UVACRYL 2151 Request SDS UVACRYL 2151 Sample Request UVACRYL 2151
UVAPLUS 8572 Acrylate 1-part Multi-cure (UV, Heat, anaerobic and activator) Opaque High strength multi-cure product for bonding brackets and hinges 630 mPas, semi thixotropic Request TDS UVAPLUS 8572 Request SDS UVAPLUS 8572 Sample Request UVAPLUS 8572
TPA 1176 Methacrylate 2-part (1:1) 6 hours at 23°C Green Toughened high strength MMA free adhesive, general purpose structural adhesive. Suitable for plastics, metals, rubbers and glass. 9000 mPas Request TDS TPA 1176 Request SDS TPA 1176 Sample Request TPA 1176
TPE 1235 Epoxy 2-part (2:1) 24 hours at 23°C Grey High strength temperature and chemical resistant epoxy paste Request TDS TPE 1235 Request SDS TPE 1235 Sample Request TPE 1235
TPS 1526 Silicone 2-part (1:1) 15 minutes at 23°C Optical clear Silicone gel for laminating or potting applications 1000 mPas Request TDS TPS 1526 Request SDS TPS 1526 Sample Request TPS 1526

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