Sadechaf UV Curing: Industries & Applications

Thanks to is unique but versatile capabilities, UV Curing is being utilized in a broad range of industries. For every application, a specific UV product and its correct tuning will make a match. Sadechaf has the expertise to define your UV requirements in your process. Contact us to solve your UV challenge!

UV Curing secures for commercial printers better graphical results at high speeds and eliminates powder spray usage.

Sadechaf UV Curing provides high performance Arc Lamp and LED Curing Systems on all existing types of printing presses, including label presses, sheetfed offset presses, narrow web presses and digital printers. Sadechaf UV Curing equips UV lamp applications on different technologies such as flexo, letterpress, gravure, inkjet, and screen.

Ticketing & Labelling

UV Curing results in the best printing results on packaging materials in terms of optical results as well as wear and tear and chemical resistance. Sadechaf UV Curing equips UV lamp applications on different technologies such as digital inkjet, pad, screen, indirect flexo and screen.

Product Decorating

Optical Fibre Coating

Sadechaf UV Curing offers complete highly efficient air-cooled systems to cure coatings and inks on optical fibre at high speeds. Sadechaf UV Curing has unique and patented fully integrated systems for cable marking on different surfaces. Sadechaf UV Curing cable marking systems provide high accuracy interval distance control. Our unique ink and curing process development results in unmatched protection through wear and tear and scratch resistance as well as material penetration.

Wood / Coated Panel

Sadechaf UV Curing desings your UV Woodcure and UV Coated Panel UV Curing System adapted for the operating circumstances, taking into account not only the best curing parameters, but also the environmental conditions such as harsh dust or other external influences. Thanks to the cross-fertilisation of disciplines related to knowledge of materials, curing, adhesives and coatings, Sadechaf UV Curing develops solutions to alter surfaces through coating and curing. According to the needs of the end-user, the surface and deep-surface can be improved to better resist sunlight, marking, scratching and other mechanical and chemical influences.

UV radiation is used since long time for disinfection. The UV light will work in a wavelength of 2-3 nm and alter the DNA/RNA structure of the bacteria, virus and fungi which will lead to its destruction. UV radiation offers an effective yet chemical free and environmentally friendly method of disinfection. Another advantage is that the treated organism cannot become resistant. UV is suitable for track and trace technology (Tracing and Security, Leak Detection, Mineral Detection, Non-Destructive Testing)

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