What we do

We supply to our customers the best UV-Curing Technology and Hightech Adhesives for their product innovation and manufacturing efficiency.
Through our "T to T", or "Technician to Technician" approach, we support our customers by becoming an extension of their R&D, engineering or production department.

Sadechaf has over 40 years of expertise in UV Curing Technology. We offer total customer care for our customer’s UV Curing System. Our engineers design an optimal solution for every UV challenge and our own technical team takes care of the installation, start up, maintenance and repair of our customer’s UV Systems and UV Equipment.

As a Hightech Adhesive Manufacturer, we analyse the customer’s adhesive challenges and provide them with the perfect adhesive for their project. From our standard range, or by tweaking our existing products, or through the development of an adhesive, we’ll fit into your project so well that you will always want to work with us.
We offer a totally integrated solution, selecting the perfect application method and dispensing system. From our production facilities in Belgium and Germany, we supply hightech adhesives to our customers worldwide.


Sadechaf has a clear engagement to embed in all its operations the endeavour to contribute to the environmental challenges the world is facing. That's why our processes ensure that all of our products fullfil all compliancy rules, such as REACH and ROHS. Together with our customers, our UV and Adhesive engineers search for product and manufacturing solutions that increase the environmental performance. We will strive to reduce the emissions and waste in our own operations. Our main production units have an age of below five years and comprise the latest environmentally friendly technology. We believe strongly that environmental performance and competitiveness go hand in hand, both for our customers and for ourselves.

Sadechaf About us 1
Sadechaf About us 1


Total commitment to total quality, that is in our DNA. We are ISO9001 certified and work according to these principles and practices. Our customers demand the highest level of quality, consistency, continuity and transparency. That is how we work in every aspect of our business, throughout our entire supply chain. We know that we can be only successful if we consistently put quality first and rigorously follow the procedures that we set forward to systematically deliver superior quality. We believe that quality is the basis to deliver customer satisfaction, which on its turn forms the basis of the sustainable growth of Sadechaf. A relentless pursuit to improve our quality is the only guarantee for the future of Sadechaf.


Innovation is at the heart of Sadechaf. With the aim to deliver competitive results for our customers, our engineers and chemists work according to the following principles:

  • Quality: Accept only the highest quality standards
  • Customer focus: Be close to the customer                       
  • Freedom: Feel free and allow yourself engineering freedom 
  • Pragmatic: Design a "360° solution" which is innovative, yet cost competitive, practical and long-term sustainable.
  • "Technician to Technician": We become an extension of your R&D department
Sadechaf About us 1

Our History

Etablished in 1886

The family de Chaffoy established Sadechaf (Société Anonyme de Chaffoy) in 1886, and started making leather clothes.

Accessories for miners

In the area of Sadechaf, the coal mining industry flourished. The miners discovered the quality of the leather accessories made by Sadechaf and how it helped them in their work. Working together with the miners, special belts and harnesses were made, making it easier for the miners to carry, grasp or put away their tools when traveling through the mines or working at the site. Soon, a wide line-up of accessories used throughout the mines existed. The equipment made by Sadechaf was designed to make the work of the miners easier and more efficient.

UV Curing Technology

In the 1980's, the mining industry in Belgium ceased to exist. Influenced by the rise of the hightech industry in its surroundings, Sadechaf had already started the UV Curing activity which soon became the main business activity. The UV curing equipment installed at the customer's printing machines was designed to improve the printed goods and to make the printing process easier and more efficient, just as the leather equipment did in the past for the miners. The curing activities were expanded from the graphical industry to more applications, including the curing of adhesives. Sadechaf's Hightech Adhesive department was born.

Hightech Adhesive Manufacturer

As customers were in need of improvement of their Adhesive application, new formulae were made. As a result of the continuous growth, the Adhesive activity became a separate business unit. Own manufacturing of Adhesives started, non-UV cured adhesives were added to the line-up.


Today, the Sadechaf UV Curing Technology and Hightech Adhesive Manufacturing exist as two business units of the company. The DNA remains the same: we listen to our customers with the objective to improve their products and manufacturing efficiency.

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