20-9-2016 | Bonding materials with different CTE?

Yes it's possible! With Sadechaf's Single-Part Epoxy-1519.

Sadechaf has expanded its product range with SPE 1519, a flexible 1K epoxy with excellent adhesion to rubber, plastics and metals which cures at 135°C in 30 minutes.

SPE 1519 has proven itself to be suitable for bonding applications where bonded materials have different coëfficient of thermal expansion (CTE).

Because SPE 1519 remains exceptionally flexible after curing it will effortlessly maintain the bonding between any set of substrates. SPE 1519 is suitable for applications with temperatures up to 150°C.

This gap-filling epoxy has a variety of uses in the automotive, electronics, medical and aerospace industries.

As well as for bonding purposes, SPE 1519 can also be used as a globtop, or for any number of other applications.

SPE 1519 is available in various packagings upon request.
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