19-5-2015 | UVASEAL 2535 : unique gasket (FIP, CIP) which is gas and moisture tight

Sadechaf UVASEAL 2535 is a 1-component UV-curable flexible sealant or liquid gasket. UVASEAL 2535 can be used on any substrate to seal the application from gasses and moisture. Moreover the product is resistant to:
- acids: phosphoric acid (90%), sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, acetic acid, formic acid (10%)
- Alkalines: potassium hydroxide (10%)
- engine oil and glycerol

UVASEAL 2535 is the solution for all applications which require an extremely low gas and moisture permeability combined with good chemical resistance at elevated temperatures (up to +150 C).

Properties of UVASEAL 2535
- Gass tight & Moisture tight (24h at 121 C autoclaaf test)
- Resistant to acids, alkalines and oils.
- Very low water absorption of 0.03%
- Temperature resistant up to +150 C
- Cures in seconds with UV-light
- Suitable on all substrates
- Gap filling (3mm)
- Non corrosive, no volatiles
- High elongation (600%)
- Low shrinkage

More information contact Nico Nuyts: nico.nuyts@sadechaf.eu