2010 Legislation

The EN 14255-1 (KB22042010) European standard came into force as from 27 May, 2010. The new regulations are based on empirical data assembled by experts from around the world. The European Community has adopted the ICNIRP recommendations and moulded them into a directive: EEC directive 2006/25. This standard describes the measurement and evaluation of human exposure to artificial optical radiation sources such as UV lamps. More specifically, it concerns ultraviolet radiation from artificial sources in the workplace. The new legislation defines how to determine the risks run by people who have to work with UV sources. The exposure limit values are also immediately established.

UV radiation in the workplace

In order to determine whether there are risks, the UV sources first have to be recognized: thus, a lamp with a dark purple coloured glass tube is probably a relatively harmless UVA lamp. A fluorescent tube or PL lamp with a clear glass envelope is more than likely a hazardous UVC lamp.
A second important factor, which strongly influences the risk, is the time that an operator spends in the radiation field of the UV source. In some cases during their work, employees may be exposed to a high dose of UV radiation, causing eye and/or skin damage.

Sadechaf UV measurement service

Engineers from Sadechaf can carry out a UV risk assessment according to the method of the new standard, EN14255. After an analysis of the work situation, our site expert makes measurements on the spot with advanced measuring equipment. It can then be determined whether the working environment meets the conditions laid down.
The results of this investigation are recorded in an official report that lists the results of the investigation and the recommended safety measures. This way you know exactly what you must do in order to conform to the new regulations.

UV Audit

Please contact us if you are interested in the implementation of a UV-audit focused on optical safety aspects. Together with you, we then look at which lamps and machines you have in house. Based on this information, we draw up a suitable price offer.

For more information please contact Janneke Renes:
janneke.renes@sadechaf.eu or +32 (0)14 40 52 87.