6-9-2012 | The new Tiger has arrived

Sadechaf is proud to introduce the Tiger-12, a low cost UV floor curing machine. The Tiger-12 is the first device that will sell for less than 3.000 euro and that is capable of curing an average of 100 m² per hour. When it comes to cost per m², the Tiger-12 is setting a new standard. While using UV-coatings on site, the floor will be prepared in the same way as when using traditional coatings. The curing of the coating is done by exposing it to ultraviolet, generated by a high intensity UV lamp. Immediately after exposure, the coating is ready for sanding or for use at full load. Major advantages: the floor fitter can finish a floor within one day and the floor owner has a floor finish of the highest quality. This new machine is can be used in many fields of application. Wooden floors is one example. Fast curing of line markings and safety pictograms in factories and warehouses is only one application among many others. The Tiger 12: • has been tested successfully with several types of clear coats. You are invited to organise tests with your coating in our lab. • has the same hot-restrike technology and the same level of safety features as our traditional UV-equipment. • is made by the company HID in the US and distributed in Europe by Sadechaf UV.