20-4-2017 | UVACRYL 2644: Our new UV-curing adhesive lets you bond acrylate and polycarbonate in 15 seconds, without pretreatments and tack-free

UVACRYL 2644 is a brand new, unusually resistant structural adhesive that is perfect for difficult to bond synthetic materials. It cures rapidly when exposed to UV light.

UVACRYL 2644 is strong and flexible. So strong, that it even generates material cracks during tensile and peel tests. As such, it is ideal for applications in the field of electronics, automotive and medical equipment.

UVACRYL 2644 offers excellent bonding properties for difficult to bond synthetic materials such as PMMA, PSU, PEI, PES, PI, … The cherry on the cake is that no surface treatment or primer is needed. Obviously, UVACRYL 2644 also yields excellent results when used on easier to bond synthetic materials, on glass and metal.

UVACRYL 2644 is a good choice for the assembly of LED lamps or fittings. As a crack-sealing adhesive, it is resistant to moisture and UV. It can even be used for long-term exposure to high temperatures up to 125°C. Moreover, UVACRYL 2644 is electrically insulating.

The adhesive sets tack free under a UV LED source or a mercury lamp. The UVACRYL 2644 sets so easily that it is even possible to cure through translucent materials. For opaque materials, we offer a heat-curing variant.

Crack-sealing properties, UV curable, flexible after curing, excellent adhesion for difficult to bond synthetic materials.

All these qualities are united in one adhesive, which makes UVACRYL 2644 the perfect choice for demanding applications, from electronics to aircraft construction and aerospace.

UVACRYL 2644 is available in different types of packaging and in different viscosities (low, medium and high).

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