UV disinfection: how does it work?

UVC-straling wordt al veelvuldig gebruikt voor het desinfecteren van:
Filling machines   Sealing foil   Pouches

Buckets   Drink cartons

How does it work?

UV disinfection signifies that UV radiation is used to kill  germs up to log3 (99.9%). Indeed, the emission spectrum of UVC lamps is the same as the absorption spectrum of bacteria. As DNA has a high absorption rate in the UV range, UVC radiation inactivates the DNA.

Het DNA heeft een hoge absorptie in de UVC-band waardoor de UVC-straling het DNA zal inactiveren.

Sadechaf offers you the Premium UV-module module by Heraeus:

  • High quality premium amalgam lamps
  • High UV intensity : disinfects in seconds
  • Lamp life : 12,000 hours
  • Cold radiation : products do not heat up
  • No use of chemicals
  • Breakage detection of the quartz glass
  • Version IP67
  • Compact
  • Low operational cost

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