As experts in UV technology, Sadechaf offers you a whole range of products based on UV technology. Sadechaf also develops UV systems, which ensure that the correct intensity is provided at the right place and the right moment, as well as for UV lamp cooling.

UV light based devices are the solution within many sectors:

  • Ink based on UV technology offers enormous opportunities for printers thanks to the instant drying of the ink. For applications within offset, as well as silk screen, flexo and inkjet printing shops.
  • The coating of flooring using UV technology ensures that the coating cures immediately on concrete, wood, vinyl and tile floors. The result is an extremely hard top layer that is resistant to all kinds of chemicals and damage.
  • A UV element can be built into an industrial line, tailored to the size of your device and according to your requirements. Together with you, we look for the right solution for your problem.
  • UV technology is also eminently suitable for the detection of oil, leaks, dust etc. Owing to its unique fluorescence characteristic, UV technology helps you with NDT and other tests.
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