UVACRYL 2644: Our new UV-curing adhesive lets you bond acrylate and polycarbonate in 15 seconds, without pretreatments and tack-free

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Consultancy & Technical Support

Sadechaf helps you to find the right adhesive for your application. Right from the design stage, we help you to make a right choice of materials and bonds in order to take into account the properties of the adhesive.

When starting a project, please send us a photo or drawing of the application. Using the following questions, we look for the best solution for you.

  • Which 2 substrates do you want to bond?
  • What are the dimensions of the components to be bonded?
  • What technical requirements are you setting on the bond?
  • How quickly is 1 application assembled and bonded
    (process time)?

For more information please contact Nico Nuyts:
nico.nuyts@sadechaf.eu or +32 (0)14 40 52 87